Two business units are able to satisfy every need with a keen eye for luxury, quality but also budget and business goals.

Events and Incentives

Cena di GalaAn event works when each factor is well balanced, carefully selected and mixed in the right way.
For this reason we make use of specialized partners to a high standard and be able to respond to every requirement in a short time, and we give constant attention to quality, creativity, innovation and organization.
The event is followed and treated in all its complexity: management and co-ordination of design and implementation, focusing on communication and the emotional value to be transmitted.
We follow:
  • Location selection (conventional congress venues, historical buildings,mansions, castels, exclusive bookings of museums, public and private residences, and more);
  • service staff (hostesses, interpreters, historical guides, valet parking);
  • staff service (hostess, interpreti, guide storiche, valet parking);
  • equipment;
  • printing of invitations, brochures, abstracts, programs, proceedings, etc..;
  • entertaiinment;
  • organizing secretariat;
  • logistics and accommodation;
  • Pausa Relax in Camera transfer;
  • specialized tourist guides and exclusive programs;
  • catering for small and large events;
  • rentals with drivers for cars, minivans and coaches.
We take care of every detail always trying to provide a personalized service based on customer requests.
The selected partner, who has been working with us we guarantee the success of the event.


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